GBE FACTORY: Final documents & awarded innovative companies in Austria by SOLID

The IEE project „GBE FACTORY - Green Blue Energy Factory“ has successfully been concluded.

Several Austrian companies are leading GBE Factories, orienting on eco- innovation performances with outstanding projects. Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG, Nahwärme.at, STIHL Holding AG & Co, REHAU, Anton Paar Gmbh and EMPL Austria are leading Austrian companies in realizing the significance of clean energy technologies. The companies focus energy systems energy supply.
Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG in Lower Austria installed an innovative Solar Process heat plant in June 2013. The company produces ham and sausage products. For processing the delivered feed stock / raw material coming from the abattoirs, large quantities of hot water and steam are required, which will now partly be produced by a solar thermal plant. A large scale flat plate collector system preheats steam boiler feed water and heats a hot water loop. The collector field size is 1068m² with a Storage volume of 60m³. Heating capacity is 590kW with a process heating capacity of 520 MWh per year. The system saves 56,000 liter of mineral oil per year and reduces 145.6 T of CO²/a. An innovative world-class sustainable solution in the field of meat production leading to the GBE Award.

EMPL is a leading European manufacturer of customized truck bodies. Each produced vehicle is tailor-made to the specified requirements of customers and market trends. Three years ago, the company decided to install large-scale photovoltaic systems at two EMPL plants. One is the biggest photovoltaic system in western Austria, with investment costs of 450.000 Euro and a collector area of 3040 m². The entire system was executed by SolarWorld AG using their low-ballast frame system Sunfix Aero and consists of 1788 photovoltaic modules. Henceforth the system delivers around 430,000 kilowatts of power. It is a unique project in its business field and a perfect example of outstanding GBE FACTORY partner achievements.
The company STHIL produces different high quality tools, like motor saws, cleaning equipment or spreaders. The company´s innovative concept focuses on the site´s maximum energy and CO² reduction. Renewable energies and proactive environmental management are core activities. The new site close to Vienna, constructed in 2012, is one of the outstanding commercial buildings in Austria, independent of fossil fuels and CO² free. Geothermal and solar energy plants guarantee a highly environmental friendly business operation, role model for the whole industry. Per year, over 645.000 kWh of energy and 330 Tones of CO² are saved, guaranteeing also financial benefits as well. STHIL is a very strong GBE FACTORY partner.

Solar.nahwaerme.at Energiecontracting GmbH is an energy service provider, erecting and operating large scale solar thermal plants for different applications. The demand for energy continues to grow within Austrian companies and communities. One example for a great project is the Wasserwerk Andritz. Nahwärme realized this special project, which is now awarded for its outstanding performance. The Wasserwerk Andritz has a very large scale solar thermal plant. The system supports the local office buildings heating system. The surplus heat is fed into the district heating grid from the city of Graz. The plant has a size of 3,855 m², run by solar thermal high temperatures flat plate collectors and project costs are 1.57 Mio. €.
REHAU Unlimited Polymer Solutions focuses energy efficiency, renewable energies, water management, mobility and future living opportunities within commercial, public and industrial buildings. The company is one of the main system and service providers for polymer solutions within the construction business worldwide. The company directed outstanding projects worldwide, increasing sustainability and environmental harmony between buildings and their environment. One outstanding project is located in Austria, the REHAU Head Office for South and Eastern Europe. In 2012, the reconstructed office building already saved an enormous amount of 67% of energy costs, compared to previous years. District heating, heat insulation and geothermal plants decreased energy consumption and increased financial savings. Today, the building requires 1/5 of heating energy, compared to previous heating demands and saves 138 Tons CO²/a. The company plans further renovation, as it amortizes within a few years and creates high value. The GBE FACTORY award is one additional incentive and reward for environmental friendly engagement.
Anton Paar GmbH develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems. The worldwide active high-tech company, located in Graz/Austria partly covers its energy demand with renewable energy sources. Therefore, the company became part of the GBE Factory Award Community.
Since 2008, research and production at the headquarter in Graz of world known measuring systems have been supported by two solar energy systems, one solar thermal plant and one photovoltaic system at the company´s main of building´s roofs. The five floor building entails on 5,000m² laboratories and production facilities. Floors are all equipped with a mechanic air conditioning for heat reclaiming and with cooling ceilings. More than 350m ² solarthemal collector areas provide heat for the whole office complex. Counting right from the beginning, solar hot water gains now reached 806,046 kWh. In addition, an absorption cooling machine provides cooling energy. Peak loads are covered by well water facilities and a compression cooling machine. Since its operation started, the absorption cooling machine has provided around 63,826.7 kWh of cooling energy. The second solar system is a photovoltaic plant, which generates power based on 906m², with 136 kWp load and an output of 139,000 kWh per year.

The solar cooling system is highly innovative, as solar office air conditioning systems are still rare worldwide. This system underlines Anton Paar´s pulse for innovation. The company´s future orientation towards renewable energies within its office and production facilities is one of the main reasons why the company got the GBE Factory Award.

All companies mentioned companies are a good example of investment in ’GREEN-BLUE-ENERGY FACTORIES” and are eco-innovative and successful flagships.

Following main results are available online now: www.gbefactory.eu

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