Aptera beim Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE


This highly-regarded three wheeled side-by-side two seat commuter car combines striking good looks with a low aerodynamic drag body. Aptera's aerodynamics draw inspiration from natural forms that embrace the wind instead of trying to fight it. Composite body structures provide an impact-resistant exterior that is lighter than steel but three times as strong. The Aptera aims to provide an energy efficient luxury driving experience.

Team name: Aptera
Location: Carlsbad, Calif.
Car name: 2e
Class: Alternative Side by Side
No. of wheels: Three
Passengers: Two
Drive type: Front-wheel-drive
Power source(s): 110-hp electric motor
Fuel type: Electricity, 20 kwh li-ion nano phosphate
Charging: 110v-overnight
Range: 100 miles

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