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Climate protection in all the religions

The big religions grow greener and greener.

In 1999, when I wrote the book "Der ökologische Jesus – Vertrauen in die Schöpfung’ (The ecological Jesus - Trust in the creation), Klaus Töpfer advised me to follow it up with a book titled "Der ökologische Mohamed" (The ecological Mohamed). But at that point, the subject of environmentalism or "protection of the creation" had not yet reached all the religions and denominations. This is now changing.

Pope Francis has been the first pope ever to write an eco-encyclical and the Dalai Lama says that he would vote for the Green party in Germany out of a concern for the environment. And now it is also muslim scientists and politicians who are calling for the protection of the environment - in the name of Allah. They explain: Nature is the work of God - it is the mission of all religious persons to protect it.

The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, has told the TAZ (Berliner Tageszeitung),'According to Islamic teachings, people are not supposed to dominate the earth, but to preserve the harmonious cycle.' This is also the argument of Islamic scientists, politicians and religious leaders from 20 different countries that convened at the "International Islamic Symposium" in Istanbul.

The "Islamic Declaration on Climate Change’ says: People are living beyond their means. Climate change was becoming a question of survival for humankind. It was the divine mission of man to protect nature. The climate summit in Paris at the end of 2015 had to make "binding decisions on climate protection", promote the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases towards zero and the rich countries had to provide financial help for the poorer ones on the way to a sustainable economy.

In Germany, the churches did not limit themselves to pious speeches; 2,000 Christian churches and parishes have already installed solar panels. The Vatican did the same on the Pope's audience hall: energy from on high, in every way. In 2014, solar panels were installed for the first time on top of a mosque in Germany.

Not all advocates of climate protection have to become devout, but it would already be a great a great step in the right direction if all devout people were to also become advocates of climate protection.

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